Monday, May 30, 2011

-Fairy Tale Rituals

I Did a book jacket for Kenny Klein last winter and the book is out now. Published by Llewellyn, you can see the summary HERE

My initial reference was based on Nancy Ekholm Burkert's version of the Brother's Grimm Snow White on the left. But my first sketch(right), was too innocent looking for the book.

The final being older and seductive with more of a Megan Fox thing going than a Lucy Pevensie.
Here it is with a detail. Oil on 12"x16" masonite panel


  1. dude i love how realistic your work always is and the eerie dark moods make them so much more epic.

    hope all is well,
    Josh Dillon

  2. I agree. Esao, your artwork is so compelling for me because even though your dark, almost creepy sensibility is consistent in much of your painting, every work has such a uniqueness to it that when I see a new piece from you I immediately recognize it as yours but still dwell on it as something brand new. Bravo, you've really honed in on a style that has become yours. Above all, too, you're very inspiring to young artists like myself who are all too often caught in the rush of everything. Your persistence with your artwork is very admirable.

    Rossi Lamont

  3. It's ridiculous how awesome this is!