Thursday, January 3, 2008


As you can see from the text above, I am in a two person exhibit over at the giant Jonathan Levine Gallery here in NYC with the wonderful Xiaoqing Ding.
Also Mr. Jonathan Weiner will be showing his solo show in the main room so it's really a three person show. I'm in very good company and am a true fan of both of their artwork. Lots of previously unseen eye candy.

Part II
Some discarded mock-ups of my new site had a prairie/Dust Bowl feel to them. To plug some friend's sites, a combination of inspiration led to the piece below. After seeing my site design from early 2007,(sorry I didn't archive it), my friend Tom Prior said I should really look at the movie 'Days in Heaven' by Terrence Malick which has an Andrew Wyeth feel to it. A few months ago cartoonist,Leah Hayes, and musician,Michael leviton, introduced me to Brooklyn singer/songwriter Sharon Van Etten her myspace music description says "sad prairie folk music." It was really nice to listen to while working on sketches.

After a bunch of unsatisfactory drawings I ended up drawing it in flash as my current menu since I was stuck on what to do for the new version.
I did this drawing based on my flash menu.(by the way I added a new roll over animation last week on her. Check it out.)

After transferring the drawing onto a piece of birch primed with a wash of brown, I blocked in the background and some of the water texture.

"Thought" 19"x 32" oil on wood.
I ended up leaving the cattails out of the picture cause I thought they might be too distracting and wanted to keep the image a bit more iconic. I'm still debating that since I do like them in the drawing.