Monday, July 28, 2008

-Shop is back.

5 new prints and whats left over from before.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

-Scary Stuff

DC Comics recently brought back the title House of Mystery which started back in the 1950's. Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges are the writers for it. I did a cover for issue 5 and here is the sketch.

Oil on wood 20"x30". The painting came out pretty dark and needed to make it a bit more readable.
I had to convince myself that using the computer to make additions/corrections were perfectly ok. What is published is the final piece, not the actual painting...
So here it is with some color/contrast voodoo.

Its my first cover in the comic cover world and its really intimidating following up issues done by Sam Weber and with the writers who do Fables, featuring James Jean's covers.

Big-Ass shoes to fill.

A cat-bat thing.

Other scary news.
I noticed I have a crease in my earlobe. Went to the doctor but he didn't really care too much about it as my other vitals seemed ok.
If you click HERE or HERE or do any other research on earlobe creases. You'll see why I'm suddenly working on being a health freak.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

-July Show

I have a spread in the upcoming issue #8 of Hi-Fructose Magazine.

(this issue here with Camille Rose Garcia on the cover)

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of this wonderful magazine, they are putting on a group show at Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica, CA to premiere the issue. Saturday, July 12. I have a new little piece in it.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

-Voyeurism Please

Saw this strange tree on the West Side Highway, I think its natural because even up to the tips of the branches had eye scars.

All I've been doing is working in my new sketchbook the past few weeks and not dealing with anything so I thought I'd share a few pages. Its also like a diary(thats why the scan's aren't huge and too readable)

A doodle of a cast I bought at Evolution years ago with an eye mask.

The speech bubbles say it all. Drawn while in Seattle.

Emo ramblings and a sticker Fuco gave me.

Birthday sketch of a painting I'm just about done with.

Finger painting with some pen work.

Coffee shop patio by my house and friend Rebek drawn from memory.

Sleeping Soybean, Dokebi bar, and plans for my future.
I'm back to doing work and will be catching up on e-mails.