Monday, October 24, 2011

-Print+Ink Sketch.

Lots of changes going on over on my end, though nothings been happening on my blog. I am sorry and will remedy that now. My upcoming January show at Thinkspace Gallery is underway, lots of time-lapses and other stuff queued up.

I haven't posted anything yet, but I have a twitter @poisonousbirds set up. Most likely my first one will be when I update my store section.

On a side note, because twitter has so many accounts. I wasn't the least bit surprised about @esao, @esaoa, @esaonet being taken. But @esaoandrews too? But what is peculiar is that my email address was already registered by a Myar Mohammed which I had to reset the password and take it back.
..So many people in the world..

On Wednesday October 26th at 3pm EST. I am offering 16"x20" prints of this painting each with its own little original drawing in the lower corner. No two are alike and it was a fun exercise to partake. edition of 90 for $90.