Monday, December 12, 2011

-The First Day print

I have a new print that will go up tomorrow, Tuesday, December 13th. 3pm East Coast Time.
In an ongoing attempt to give personality and will to inanimate objects, we have here a noble mother and son balloon. I imagined the nervous little balloon being taken to his first day of school and this frames their procession in the sky. A bigger edition than the Drifter's print from October, but its the same 16"x20" size. Its called The First Day.
"The First Day"
Paper size 16"x 20"
Signed Edition of 200.

Orders will be shipped in large diameter 4" tubes to guarantee safe and speedy travel time. Prints can be shipped flat upon request for Domestic orders.

There's a drawing show up right now titled "Doodle: The Art Of Sketch" going on in Portland's Compound Gallery. Here are my framed drawings in the show.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

-Nowhere and Hi-Fructose 22

Now that I'm wrapping up the workload I'd like to say on January 7th 2012 I will be having a show of new work at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. Allison Sommers will be in their project room. I'll have some studio shots soon.
Contact Andrew Hosner: for any Inquires about the work.

And coming out right as my show is happening is a 4 pager in issue #22 of the coolest magazine around, Hi-Fructose. Kirsten Anderson from Roq la Rue Gallery asked me a few questions in it and the line up of featured artists is fantastic. Click on that image to see what I mean.

Monday, October 24, 2011

-Print+Ink Sketch.

Lots of changes going on over on my end, though nothings been happening on my blog. I am sorry and will remedy that now. My upcoming January show at Thinkspace Gallery is underway, lots of time-lapses and other stuff queued up.

I haven't posted anything yet, but I have a twitter @poisonousbirds set up. Most likely my first one will be when I update my store section.

On a side note, because twitter has so many accounts. I wasn't the least bit surprised about @esao, @esaoa, @esaonet being taken. But @esaoandrews too? But what is peculiar is that my email address was already registered by a Myar Mohammed which I had to reset the password and take it back.
..So many people in the world..

On Wednesday October 26th at 3pm EST. I am offering 16"x20" prints of this painting each with its own little original drawing in the lower corner. No two are alike and it was a fun exercise to partake. edition of 90 for $90.

Monday, July 25, 2011


I got a second post for this Monday.

"Spring Hare" Timelapse Painting from Esao Andrews on Vimeo.

-Print For Sale.

"Spring Hare" is in the store section. Paper size 16"x 16" ed. of 100. $85
And ships flat.

Monday, July 18, 2011

-New Print.

Next Monday I'm offering this square print of a rabbit hanging out on some giant, colorful egg/sphere and its coming out just in time for.....Spring 2012!

It's 16"x 16" with the usual signed, numbered, embossment. Edition of 100. $85. Shipped flat. I'll post it up on Monday, July 25th noon EST.

Monday, July 11, 2011

-House of Mystery Covers

Ever have one of those days where it seems all of your electrical devices aren't working?

Had one of those, and somehow this grid of House of Mystery covers took me about 8 hours to save as a jpg. At least I'm keeping up with my post promise...I have 4 minutes left of my Monday.


Monday, July 4, 2011

-Art On The Edge.

I swear I've been working on loads of new work, none of it is ready to scan just yet...

I'm participating in another group show this summer over at Vered Gallery out in East Hampton, NY.

Here's a sketchbook drawing of Clare Bare from our impromptu day at the seaport.

The notes on the left side are about how I was looking at the page at an angle with it flat on the table, so everything at the top of the page(which is angled further away) was drawn larger. Screwing up proportions.

Monday, June 27, 2011

-Cat With Shades

Saw this peculiar sud formation in a mug the other day.

Monday, June 20, 2011

-Negative Space

Remember that Soybean Was Here and that he loves you.

Monday, June 13, 2011

-Pop Imagist

I'm in a group show in Venice, Italy right now. Sorry, the opening was on June 2nd to coincide with the 54th Annual Venice Biennale, but I absentmindedly thought it was opening this week with Art Basel in Switzerland. Yeah I know, sooper professional...
Anyhow, there's plenty of time to see it since its up till September 15th.
Its with the Jonathan LeVine Gallery showing his awesome roster of cool people. Info below.

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to announce its program during the 54th Annual Venice Biennale, The Emergence of the Pop Imagist—a group exhibition presented in association with Bonelli ArteContemporanea. Curated by Jonathan LeVine and Giovanni Bonelli, the exhibition will occupy a former school building called Scuola dei Mercanti, located at: Campo de la Madonna de L’Orto in Cannaregio, Venice, Italy. With an opening reception on June 2 at 6pm, the show will run from June 2—September 15, with hours between 10:30am—1pm and 3pm—7pm, Tuesday—Sunday.

The Emergence of the Pop Imagist features a strong selection of painting, sculpture and digital media, highlighting a diverse assortment of captivating imagery. The exhibition brings together twenty-two celebrated artists who have exhibited at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, including:

-Alex Gross
-Clayton Brothers
-Dan Witz
-Doze Green
-Erik Mark
-Esao Andrews
-Fulvio Di Piazza
-Gary Baseman
-Jeff Soto
-Jim Houser
-Joe Sorren
-Marco Mazzoni
-Mario Martinez (aka Mars-1)
-Natalia Fabia
-Nicola Verlato
-Ray Caesar
-Ron English
-Sam Gibbons
-Scott Musgrove
-Tara McPherson
-Van Arno
-WK Interact

Monday, June 6, 2011


Detail of something I'm currently working on.

Thats all I got this week, sorry.

Monday, May 30, 2011

-Fairy Tale Rituals

I Did a book jacket for Kenny Klein last winter and the book is out now. Published by Llewellyn, you can see the summary HERE

My initial reference was based on Nancy Ekholm Burkert's version of the Brother's Grimm Snow White on the left. But my first sketch(right), was too innocent looking for the book.

The final being older and seductive with more of a Megan Fox thing going than a Lucy Pevensie.
Here it is with a detail. Oil on 12"x16" masonite panel

Monday, May 23, 2011

-Jacob's Ladder

The Rapture didn't happen this weekend.
I've always loved string games and just figured out that a couple tweaks on the ole Jacob's Ladder forms this...
photos by Tom


Wiki:"Jacob's Ladder is a ladder to heaven, described in the Book of Genesis, that the biblical patriarch Jacob dreams about during his flight from his brother Esau."

Monday, May 16, 2011

-May 16th

Almost missed todays post because I didn't have anything to show, so I got a vimeo account and put this up. enjoy.

Done in one long sitting.
I placed the ambient "Imbusteros" by Calla since it was the 1:20 time I needed. A spooky fit I think.

Monday, May 9, 2011

-3D Art Book

My friend Tristan Eaton brought a bunch of people on board to put this 3D Art book together. More info can be found out about it by going to

This is the painting in the book, though its untreated here.

Also I've been working on some other stuff. stay tuned later on...

Monday, May 2, 2011

-House of Mystery #41

For Vertigo.

This one is a combination of oil painting, photography and watercolor.

The sketches are all pretty similar, the art direction was pretty much the character, Lotus, melting as horrifying as possible while tying in the House and the pages from a book.

The very "Crypt Keeper" looking sketches are described as:
1. Lotus melting, holding stack of pages, also smoke is coming off her head.
2. This was the green light. Clawing at her melting face, Shelly thought it'd be nice to hide the House in the facial mess. Pages covered in blood frame the face.
3. The House in the background, white and almost silhouetted while crumbling away into loose book pages.
4. Giant Lotus melting blood over the House.

The final was a Photoshopped combination of the actual script, sprayed with water, crumbled up and photographed, some watercolor flicked onto paper, and an oil painting on masonite 9"x14".

Monday, April 25, 2011

-My Dog

We've been neglecting the Soybean Was Here tumblr for a while now, so here's a painting I just finished to momentarily pacify that neglect.
"Soybean" oil on wood 12"x16"

Monday, April 18, 2011

-Portrait doodles

A page from my sketchbook with a black grid Photoshopped over it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

-House of Mystery 40

Here's is House of Mystery cover #40.

oil and computer.

sketches for it...

Monday, April 4, 2011

-Tiny Trifecta

My friend Tara transformed her storefront studio into a gallery/boutique called Cotton Candy Machine. To inaugurate this festive occasion, she is hosting-

Tiny Trifecta: 100 artists, $100 art, 100th day of the year.

Should be lots of fun. Oh yeah, there is no pre-sale, so if you see an artist's name listed and you want to own something by them, come early. Starts at 7.

No surprises here, this is what I have in it...

an ink drawing 5x7.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

-Late Post

Oops,today is Tuesday and not Monday. Here's a painting I have in that group show in Portland at Together Gallery

"Untitled(student)" 7"x12" oil on panel.

super cropped detail below.

Monday, March 21, 2011

-9 Types Of Light.

Did a t-shirt design for TV On The Radio's new tour. Not sure when they'll be available.

Also have a piece in a group show at Together Gallery in Portland.
Here's the flyer.

Monday, March 14, 2011

-House of Mystery #39

This image has been in my bookmarks for way too long, came across it randomly. I immediately saw this gaping skull.

Found it on some Italian news site and no I don't speak Italian.

Here's my cover for Vertigo's House of Mystery #39.

The art direction was that the character named G.G. be nude and crouching like a golden Gargoyle in the rain. An excited look on her face as if she never felt rain before. Spooky setting.
Oil on wood 12x18 with computer.
Sketch below.

I have an interview over at I Paint My Mind. Thanks, Evan.

Monday, March 7, 2011

-House of Mystery #38

A sandwich made of ink on paper, oil on masonite, and Photoshop.

Monday, February 28, 2011

-Game Over IV

I'm in a video game inspired art show at Giant Robot S.F. this Friday.
Here's the info.

Game Over IV at GRSF, March 4, 2011 - March 30, 2011
Reception: Friday, March 4, 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

618 Shrader Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Here's is my game over version of Link.
5x7 oil on panel. For any interest, contact:

Eric Nakamura
Giant Robot Owner/Publisher
(310) 479-7311

Monday, February 21, 2011

-Another study

Its sad to say that I've never sketched my dog before this...
Oil on 5"x7" masonite, about 45 minutes.

More photos of my dog at "soybean was here".

Monday, February 14, 2011


Portrait of the Artist as a Middle-Aged Creep...

Oil on 9"x 12" Masonite. Painted during/after Superbowl. 4 1/2 hour sitting.

Its been about 12 years since the last time I painted a self-portrait or painted from life at all. Every year my New Years resolution is to practice more and go figure drawing regularly(ish). 2011 I'm making it happen.

Count on seeing more studies of people and objects.

Monday, February 7, 2011

-House of Mystery #37

This is the latest cover for House Of Mystery (minus the contributors' text, barcode etc..) published by Vertigo.

12"x18" oil on masonite panel.

Monday, January 31, 2011


First off, Soybean's tumblr site is going strong.

Secondly, I have an interview up at

Thirdly, there's an Opening this Saturday, February 5th. I'm part of a pretty big group show curated by Nathan Spoor at CSUF Grand Central Art Center / Santa Ana, CA this week titled: SUGGESTIVISM

All the info is here...

CSUF Grand Central Art Center / Santa Ana, CA
125 N. Broadway / Santa Ana, CA 92701
February 05 - April 17, 2010
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 5, 7:00-10:00 p.m.

Sponsors: GelaSkins, Hurley, Gingko Press, Juxtapoz, Planet illogica

Main Art Gallery Suggestivism features over fifty contemporary artists whose work is inherently ambiguous, and organic in process. Curator Nathan Spoor believes they follow the ideals of "Suggestivism." The term Suggestivism in art was first used in the late nineteenth century describing the organic process of making art, the loose mark-making, and the ambiguous narrative. Early modern art can be seen as examples of Suggestivism. However, Spoor's contemporary examples begin with the organic process and follow through with ambiguous narratives, but the artwork is tightly rendered, and illustrative.

Conceptually speaking, the term suggestivism refers to the ability of an individual to pursue their purpose with an amplified understanding and sensitivity. The artists involved represent precisely this - a wave of purpose, working within the more fluid aspects of narrative or figurative arenas. Through the mere power of suggestion, the magic is transferred from one to another, engaging the world at large from the most vivid and evocative of visual realms. - Nathan Spoor, Curator

Featured Artists: Esao Andrews, Carrie Ann Baade, Sandow Birk, Michael Brown, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Dave Cooper, Bob Dob, Thomas Doyle, Ron English, Alex Gross, Robert Hardgrave, Naoto Hattori, Femke Hiemstra, Gregory Jacobsen, Audrey Kawasaki, Andy Kehoe, Kris Kuksi, Darren LeGallo, Kris Lewis, Francesco LoCastro, Jason Maloney, Mars-1/Mario Martinez. Chris Mars, Dalek James Marshall, Dan May, Elizabeth McGrath, Jeff McMillan, Tara McPherson, Mia, David Molesky, Brendan Monroe, Scott Musgrove, Nathan Ota, Michael Page, Kevin Peterson, James Roper, Chris Ryniak, Bob Schneider, Todd Schorr, Greg Simkins, Skinner, Jeff Soto, Nathan Spoor, CR Stecyk III, Heidi Taillefer, Joe Vaux, Nicola Verlato, Oliver Vernon, Eric White, Robin Williams, Martin Wittfooth, Chandler Wood, Chet Zar

Monday, January 24, 2011

-Silkscreen and Soybean

First off, Tom and I have put together a photo blog for my dog Soybean titled Soybean Was Here on Tumblr. Be sure to see constant updates HERE.

Today, January 24th at 2pm CST info at

My first silkscreen poster is only $30 and its 18x24. edition of 140.

Even though I did a few (inkjet) posters for my friend Sharon Van Etten a while back, this is my first actual silk screened concert poster. I'm super excited about it. It's from Circa Survive's NYC show at Iriving Plaza this past November.

Available at
They did such a great printing job.