Monday, May 30, 2011

-Fairy Tale Rituals

I Did a book jacket for Kenny Klein last winter and the book is out now. Published by Llewellyn, you can see the summary HERE

My initial reference was based on Nancy Ekholm Burkert's version of the Brother's Grimm Snow White on the left. But my first sketch(right), was too innocent looking for the book.

The final being older and seductive with more of a Megan Fox thing going than a Lucy Pevensie.
Here it is with a detail. Oil on 12"x16" masonite panel

Monday, May 23, 2011

-Jacob's Ladder

The Rapture didn't happen this weekend.
I've always loved string games and just figured out that a couple tweaks on the ole Jacob's Ladder forms this...
photos by Tom


Wiki:"Jacob's Ladder is a ladder to heaven, described in the Book of Genesis, that the biblical patriarch Jacob dreams about during his flight from his brother Esau."

Monday, May 16, 2011

-May 16th

Almost missed todays post because I didn't have anything to show, so I got a vimeo account and put this up. enjoy.

Done in one long sitting.
I placed the ambient "Imbusteros" by Calla since it was the 1:20 time I needed. A spooky fit I think.

Monday, May 9, 2011

-3D Art Book

My friend Tristan Eaton brought a bunch of people on board to put this 3D Art book together. More info can be found out about it by going to

This is the painting in the book, though its untreated here.

Also I've been working on some other stuff. stay tuned later on...

Monday, May 2, 2011

-House of Mystery #41

For Vertigo.

This one is a combination of oil painting, photography and watercolor.

The sketches are all pretty similar, the art direction was pretty much the character, Lotus, melting as horrifying as possible while tying in the House and the pages from a book.

The very "Crypt Keeper" looking sketches are described as:
1. Lotus melting, holding stack of pages, also smoke is coming off her head.
2. This was the green light. Clawing at her melting face, Shelly thought it'd be nice to hide the House in the facial mess. Pages covered in blood frame the face.
3. The House in the background, white and almost silhouetted while crumbling away into loose book pages.
4. Giant Lotus melting blood over the House.

The final was a Photoshopped combination of the actual script, sprayed with water, crumbled up and photographed, some watercolor flicked onto paper, and an oil painting on masonite 9"x14".