Thursday, December 6, 2012

-Sister's and Hope Calling

Hello everyone. I'm offering two new prints that will be available at 1pm California Time on Friday, Dec 7th in the STORE at Since I am not in the middle of moving and the prints are made and ready to pack, shipping will be very prompt this time.

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 "Hope Calling"
Paper size: 12" x 12"
Signed Edition of 100. $70
Shipped flat both domestic and international($6-$13)

"Hope Calling" was made to compliment the Hope Pigeon compositionally and sort of spiritually too. As a kid, I always thought the mating display of the Magnificent Frigatebird looked like a heart. Also vaguely knowing that the dove bringing back an olive branch to Noah's Arc signified that there was land somewhere beyond the flood. Together they represent Love and Hope. Happy Holidays!

 "Sister's" was made for the "Anomalies" group show at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. Words like freaks, human oddities, gaffs, cabinet of curiosities, vaudeville, carnies, gypsies.....were used to inspire some imagery for the invite. I wanted to do something simple and somewhat iconic and using those words I wanted to steer away from anything too goofy and grotesque. So I went with twins conjoined by one head, hugging each other as if they were best friends... note the heart shape in the negative space.

Paper size: 14" x 22"
Signed Edition of 200. $80
 Orders are placed in an archival acetate sleeve, taped in place on kraft paper to keep from shifting and shipped in a crush proof tube:) Shipping will be calculated at checkout for all orders both Domestic and International(between $10-$20)