Monday, December 28, 2009


So this is my last post of the year and my resolution of posting every Monday of 2009 was successful, barring that one post in August where I posted on Tuesday at 3am.

In the next few days I'll pin point what new resolution's I'll make for 2010.
My thoughts have become too intense and frustrated that I am deleting all of my news/science tabs and am looking forward to putting a deaf ear to world/local affairs for a while. Thats one of my resolutions for '10. Be mellow.

I got back from Arizona today and was able to haul back a giant portfolio of my high school and Jr. high artwork. Below are some really funny self-portraits...

"Self-Portrait with Parasites"
14"x18" Tester's model enamel on paper. Age 17. I remember feeling nauseous while painting this because to this day, a Surinam Toad giving birth is the grossest thing I can think of. Scroll down on this LINK..

"Self-Portrait with Christy Turlington"
9"x14" Pencil on paper. Age 15.
I have a ton more paintings I'll scan later.

Also, I am in the Dark Pop 2.0 group show at Last Rites Gallery in Chelsea.
Here's that piece for it, framed. Contact
if interested.

Opening is January 9th 7-11pm.

Participating artists include:
AIKO (Aiko Nakagawa), Lisa Alisa, Esao Andrews, John Cebollero, Joshua Clay, Molly Crabapple, Amy Crehore, Yoko d'Holbachie, Leslie Ditto, Mickey Edtinger, Mark Elliott, Eric Fortune, GAIA, Stella Im Hultberg, Sarah Joncas, Aya Kakeda, Ben Kehoe, Dan-ah Kim, Daniel Hyun Lim (Fawn Fruits), Danni Shinya Luo, David MacDowell, Mike Maxwell, Simone Maynard, Dennis McNett, Tara McPherson, Michael Page, Nathan Lee Pickett, Leslie Reppeteaux, Mijn Schatje, Tin, Dan Witz and Jaeran Won.


Monday, December 21, 2009

-House of Mystery 24.

My friend Ryan Reeb and Gunnar are working on an animated short which you can see the progress HERE. If you'd like to support what they are doing and want to see more stuff in the future, read up about the pledge support system they got going at

Happy Holidays.
Off to AZ.

Monday, December 14, 2009

-Dec 14

Don't have anything new this week...

"Untitled" canvas, wood, lace, foam, shoes; 1998

Monday, December 7, 2009

-Dec 7

I'm about to ship out everyone's orders from last week, had to wait for some back ordered shipping supplies to come in.

oil on wood 8"x8" title yet.

Monday, November 30, 2009

-Go For The Gold III

2 New Prints are here.

"Remy's Ascension"
Paper size 16"x16"
image 14.5"x14.5"
Edition of 80

"Off to the Little Village"
Paper size 11"x13"
image 9.5"x11.5"
Edition of 60

Meathaus's Go For The Gold 3 anthology is here, its 239 pages of preliminary ideas and sketches. Very inspiring to look through.

I have several pages in it along with this great list of people...
Al Columbia
Andy Ristaino
Arik Roper
Benjamin Marra
Bob Flynn
Brandon Graham
Chris McD
Dash Shaw
Dave Kiersh
Farel Dalrymple
Harvey James
Ines Estrada
James Jean
Jason Sacher
Jesse Moynihan
Josh Latta
Katie Rice
Kevin Fagan
Michaela Zacchilli
Mu Pan
Nathan Fox
Nicholas Gazin
Nick Bertozzi
Peter Chung(the guy who did Aeon Flux)
Rebecca Sugar
Robertryan Cory
Ron Wimberly
Sam Kim
Thomas Herpich
Tomer Hanuka
Victor Cayro
Vicent Giard
Vincent Stall
Zachary Baldus

have fun,

Monday, November 23, 2009

-HOM #23

A few new prints will be up next Monday at noon.

Here is House of Mystery #23 for Vertigo Comics, without text.

I burned and dodged, added blood, wall lines etc. in Photoshop. Below is the original painting.

12x18 oil on wood.
Here's a group of some sketches I did in the beginning.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 16, 2009

-More Old Stuff.

I have nothing this week. These are some studies from my SVA days. Scrawled on the back of this first piece reads 10-25-98.

I think that this is Farel Dalrymple's sister in a wig, but am not sure.

These two below are painted on chopping blocks found on the street.

All of them are roughly 12"x16"

Monday, November 9, 2009


Haven't worked in my sketchbook in months. I treated myself to a Bloody Mary at Blackout Bar while sketching up some bottles against the mirror.

The tasty garnish had a pepperoni cube, jack cheese, olives and celery. Sounds weird until you see it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

House of Mystery #22

For this issue Matt Sturges wanted a twisted children's storybook look.

The description of the cover was pretty tight, so that is why my sketches look similar.

Here's what the painting looks like sans text.

oil on wood 12"x18"

Added the text, sunburst and saturated the colors a bit in ye ol' Photoshop.
Since the "House of Mystery" title goes on top, I put #22 down near the bottom (note pencil sketch above)

Based the color scheme from this 1947 Raggedy Ann Cartoon I had as a kid.

I like how everyone says "Halloween!" instead of "Happy Halloween!" in the cartoon.

Monday, October 26, 2009


So Halloween day I'll be over at Last Rite's Gallery hanging out and doing some live painting with the fine folks emboldened in the press release below.

Last Rites Tattoo Theatre presents its first ever Creep-In Day on Halloween!

Saturday, October 31st, 12pm-12am at Last Rites Tattoo Theatre, 511 W. 33rd Street, between 10th & 11th Avenues (3 blocks from Penn Station), 3rd floor, New York, NY 10001.
Find more information at

(New York, NY) Last Rites Tattoo Theatre is celebrating the Halloween season by showing a return of support to all Last Rites friends, family and fans. With their first ever Creep-In Day, dedicated fans and collectors receive a rare opportunity to be tattooed spontaneously without an appointment at the infamous Last Rites Tattoo Theatre… and on Halloween to boot! Along with Paul Booth himself, the Last Rites family of masterful artists will take in the haunting energy of Halloween, Last Rites style, and produce stunning tattoo art on a first-come-first-serve basis! Paul will even be venturing out from his private lair and tattooing in the family crypt making the day an awesome “meet&greet” opportunity for Fans and Clients alike! In addition to this overdose of high energy freehand tattooing from 12 to 12, the day includes visual stimuli such as live painting sessions featuring Esao Andrews, Vincent Castiglia, Fred Harper, Dan Quintana, David Stoupakis, and Genevive Zacconi. ArtFusion Experiment collaborative painting performances by notable Tattoo Artists such as Paul Acker, Goethe, Juan Selgado, Jesse Smith, and more! An ArtFusion canvas will be open for the public to paint as well! The Film Chapel will be rolling Paul’s personal Horror movie picks continuously day and night. And of course, costumes are welcome and encouraged! And last but not least, the day will end at 11:59pm followed by a traditional Last Rites “Kool-Aid” Toast to bring in the Witching Hour.

Please read on for special details…
Paul Booth and Crew will be following normal protocol used for conventions and touring. This means one-sitting freehand style work with an approx. 3 hour time limit on a piece. If you are looking to start a multiple sitting project such as a sleeve or backpiece, then this is not a day for such. Our best advice to you is to give our accomplished artists your theme and trust them with the artistic freedom to run with it for you. 3 hours can get a good sized piece done so don’t let the time issue concern you. We do this to be fair to everyone that desires Last Rites Art. We also suggest getting here earlier than opening time if you are really serious about getting work. The doors will open at 12 noon and anyone behaving overly aggressive, intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will not be tolerated. This event will be filmed for an upcoming Last Rites DVD so costumes are encouraged but not mandatory!

* Meet and Greet the artists and fellow clients all day and night
* Crazy Performers will be unearthing themselves throughout the day for everyone’s twisted amusement.
* Food, Drink and visual stimuli all day long… No Cover! Costumes Welcome!

“We want to show our fans our true appreciation for their support, by allowing them the opportunity to avoid the waiting list… and get tattooed convention style. I have been spending quite a bit of time here at home focusing on my larger projects and I find myself occasionally missing the road. Now I can sort of go on tour without leaving home and get a good dose of that convention energy I have come to know so well. I have always liked the idea of bringing our fans together to meet each other as they have always shown a strong like-mindedness. This is why I want to make it a meet & greet day as well.”

~ Paul Booth ~

Now on Halloween night, I should be over at Dokebi, Here's a poster I did from last year, but *updated* it by shifting the color balance in Photoshop....oh computers.

Monday, October 19, 2009

-Old Stuff

When I was sifting through my belongings during the move I dug up an overwhelming cache of old work and sketchbooks. Most of it is embarrassing, some are scary or sad or just plain nonsensical... I'll post things up whenever I'm in a bind with nothing for Monday.

Hunky self-portrait. 6"x8"oil on canvas.
Think I'm about 20 years old in this.
I was living in New Jersey at the time so that may be why I look so serious, shirtless, and orange.

12x19 acrylic and crayon on board.

Monday, October 12, 2009

-Farewell, Farewell Avery

Late last night I arrived back to NY from my exceptional time in Los Angeles.

The opening went awesome, I met some really nice people in the company of my west coast friends. Couldn't have been better.

Unfortunately this is one of the few photos I took at the opening. [note: I don't recall baseball players being there] Hopefully other peoples photos will pop up on the internet. It was a great turnout.

"Don't Wake Up The Neighbors" 24"x 36" oil on wood.

HERE is a link to the line up of work I had in the show. There are a few still available.

Now I get to set up my new apartment/studio etc... Something I pointed out in my interview with Andrew Ford, is that all the work that people know me for has been made in the same apartment. Curious about how this may change my future output.


Monday, October 5, 2009

-Off to Silverlake.

This painting below has been posted in various stages and pieces on this blog for months now. Since my show is coming up in a few days I figured I'd expose it fully. There's a "back talk" feature at where I was given a list of questions and now can't bare to reread my answers.

"Milkmaids Daughter" 20x30" oil on wood.
There are a few other interview questions coming up in the following days courtesy of Drew Ford of Last Rites Gallery and Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace Gallery.
See you in Los Angeles.

Monday, September 28, 2009

-Thinkspace pt.3

The work for the show is shipped off so you can contact Andrew Hosner over at Thinkspace Gallery (contact[at] to see work from my show with Tony Philippou. He's from NYC too, and it'll be cool to finally meet him in LA.

Here is another piece from the show

"Remy's Ascension"- 18"x18" oil on wood. Click image to see it a bit bigger.

Found a really nice place in Greenpoint Brooklyn which I will be moving tomorrow. Hopefully I can get more work done in a bigger space. I'm very excited.

Monday, September 14, 2009

-Sept 14th

Quick post because I'm in the process of moving...
Did a shirt design a while back for KCDC Skateshop here in Brooklyn.

There's a small pocket graphic on the front.
Its a small run of shirts and they came out great courtesy of
Seshwan Print Shop

Not sure why its not up on their website, but I picked one up yesterday.

Monday, September 7, 2009

-Metal stuff.

Did a painting for my friend's metal band called Wizardry. Here's the raw painting without the crop or text added for their upcoming album, humorously titled "Drink From Thy Chalice". ha!

Also did some skull portraits à la "Appetite for Destruction" for Deathwish Skateboards.
Here's Erik and Jim with some. Click images to see other stuff.


Monday, August 31, 2009

-August 31st

Without a place on my site to permanently place the ad for my upcoming show in October at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles, some people may have overlooked it... Contact Andrew Hosner (contact[at] from the gallery's website for those of you who maybe interested in stuff.

"Conjoined Bell" oil on wood 30"x48"
Click to get a scaled up version of it.

A while back there was the Ripper show I was a part of and now there is the book.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

-Resolution Spoiled

Every Monday I'm supposed to post a new entry. Sunday night and Monday midday Blogger wasn't letting me log in(and has been really slow lately). Now that its After midnight here in Brooklyn, it's squandered my New Years Resolution. Whatever.. I'm only off by a few hours and besides its still Monday on the West Coast.


Monday, August 17, 2009


My dog has been extra special this past week. Click on the photo to see a couple of cool shots Tom Prior took.

Also added this clip to my small Youtube account.

And my Thinkspace Show is still underway....


Monday, August 10, 2009

-Thinkspace pt. 2

Here's the Juxtapoz ad coming up for my show in October. Tony Philippou, who also lives in New York will be showing in the Project Room of the gallery.

Pretty nervous on what the opening will be like since we are both out-of-towners.

Finally got that ding dang Flickr account I was talking about. <-- got my name too, Hooray!

Also did a book jacket design for a collection of villain stories, click HERE to check it out.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

-New Prints Today

Click to enter the store.

Here's the cover for House of Mystery #19..

12"x18" oil on birch.

When I started doing the painting I was going for a classic/saintly pose, even though she was being strangled. I guess it doesn't really read that way with the composition being upside down and no halo. It was fun painting either way.

And here is the pencil sketch on an 11"x14" sheet of paper.

Several sketch ideas reveal that somebody is really pissed and annoyed.


Monday, July 27, 2009

-Mystery Statue

Next Monday I'll be updating my store with these.

Here's a close up of one.

"Untitled" 12"x18" oil on wood.

Also did up a poster for my coffee shop friend Austin Mccutchen.

There's a junk store in my neighborhood which has a huge bin of personal photographs to rummage through. I bought this photo below in the hopes that someone would recognize the statue and share the information.

Thought it might have been Rudolf Siemering, but didn't find this piece. Note the little man in the lower right. This statue is massive.