Monday, June 23, 2008


Remember that Lie I said in my first blog post about posting things every week? The past several weeks I've been wanting to redesign my site, post new work, new projects, put the store back up, and reinvent my web presence all over again in one big post. Obviously not happening as planned.

Did a back drop for Circa Survive's current tour. Here it is in action via someone's Flickr.

Its a previous painting I did which you can see in the painting section. I screwed around in Photoshop and built the whole left side by cutting and pasting bits of the house for a more centered composition.
Like so.

Here's a desktop version so you can point out my weak Photoshop skills.

Realizing that consistency is the best approach to a ding dang blog, I will be posting more yet not so lengthy entries.
RIP George Carlin.