Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Dodging lions and waisting time...

"thirty" 24"x24" oil on wood

I'm headed over to Rome for a show this Friday at Dorothy Circus Gallery who I'll be showing along side with my good pal Tara Mcpherson and the super rad Travis Louie

click on the flyer for more info and some additional images.

In a world of Hipster Zombies and Sexy Vampire Maids I did a poster for my friends at Dokebi.

This was a nice change of pace to do some straight up illustration work using an ink drawing scanned and computer colored.

Ps. If you live in Rome, please come to the opening and say hi, i don't know anybody.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

-Dear Science

Soybeans 5th birthday

The Tv On The Radio guys are touring around and I did some simple 2 color shirts for them.

The title of their new Album is Dear Science so I drew up this fish.
I have no idea what color schemes they used, these's were what I gave them.
Here's another one.

I've officially realized I am not a blogger. For no reason spending 15 minutes resizing some photos and typing some text takes me ages.

My September was spent like this...

courtesy of Tom