Saturday, March 1, 2008

-Inspired Procrastination pt.2

Everyone knows what pipe cleaners are. I went to two hardware store and all I was shown was sandpaper, coiled pipe snakes, and something that looked like a bbq grill brush. When I told them its the thin braided wires covered in fuzz that kids have adopted to make craft projects, they had no idea. Same with the Pharmacy and 99¢ store. No luck at the pipe/bong shop either, they weren't open on a Tuesday at noon, natch.

Necessity is the mother of invention as they say. I wanted to make a birthday gift while I was spending my day waiting for USPS and with no pipe cleaners I came up with this...

The postman didn't even show up that day. The next day they came so the prints are shipped and those that bought them should be receiving them any day now. As for foreign orders, they are also shipped.

I apologize for any brown spots on envelopes sent out this week. I didn't realize what happened till it was too late.

Paper: friend and foe.

Also, friends Tom Prior, John Peters, and Ian Baguskas have a really top notch exhibition of photographs at Crane Arts in Philadelphia. If you live there, go see it. They are wonderful to see blown up.

I'm not really sure how many people actually read the stuff that doesn't have to do with my paintings, but having a blog to post other stuff is becoming fun for me. Tomer once mentioned the computer as 'The Great Indoors'.
Its true.


  1. I have been reading (well, looking) at your blog for awhile now and haven't commented on anything, despite liking your work very much. So I guess this is as good a time as any to start? Anyway, I suppose it's rather morbid, but your brown spots comment made me laugh a LOT.

  2. Hehe. What an adorable little film!

    I have an entire set of these "bird-in-the-cage" thingies in a box entitled "Jeu Du Thaumatrope".

    You can see it at the very bottom of this page:

    Maybe you should create a similar little box of these with little strings et al. and a beautiful Esao graphic on the outside. :)

  3. My daughter was looking over my shoulder as I watched the video. To which she promptly exclaims, "I want one!"

    The brown spots comment made me giggle as well.

  4. Thanks Poppy and megan for finding enjoyment from my pain. And thanks a lot suzanne, I had no idea what those things were called. Thaumatropes!! I was planning on making more.

  5. Very cool, and i have to say that adding an updated blog/news to the front page really made the site better. I used to pop in periodically just to see if there are any updates or new works posted but this makes it more interesting. I really like when you explain the process you take when you complete works, its great to see the rough sketches and alterations that you make and such. Anyways, very cool idea and i guess you could really state that you put atleast some blood and sweat into your works :)

  6. Your one of my favorite artists. I would love to buy an original. I also love the new creative projects. Entertaining. Keep it up.

  7. I would love to buy one of these if possible. I saw your exhibit and bought a bunch of prints online. I was wondering if not all of the originals were sold at the exhibit how much would you charge for them?