Wednesday, February 13, 2008

-Post Show Post

6 new prints are up in the store. yay!
7 new paintings from my recent show are in the painting section, though a few have been shown earlier on this blog.

The Show at Jonathan Levine Gallery went great. Thanks for everyone that came.
Its February 14th day of Love and other obligated hoopla.

I did a quick sketch while working on the computer.

After I started painting it, it seemed unfinished so I added the kids you see below. note: I used red Saral Transfer paper to trace the drawing to the painting above.

A few shrubs in the foreground and some tightening up...

"Sweet Wilderness" 16"x19" oil on wood.


  1. What's beautiful job, poetic and graphic, you are a great graphic designer

  2. Woooooo... Those are some great Paintings and sketches. Do you use reference when working, or do you work from your head?

  3. you amaze me more and more with every creation you come up with.

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