Friday, May 2, 2008

-I'm Back.

Opening May 9th at Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle, WA.
Two person show with myself and the beautiful works of Fuco Ueda.
Lots of previously unseen new stuff, I'll share these two.

"Virile Influenza" 18"x24" oil on wood.


And here's another one from the show.

"Seaqueen" 20"x24" oil on wood.

Sorry, no detail on the fire crotch.

The Paypal thing finally got resolved last week. Got a credit card and bought my first couch to sit and reflect upon. I feel all grown up now. Thanks. I'll have my store back up with some new stuff after I get back from Seattle.

Moving on.....
This is so great. When I was living in Arizona I met Andrew Gosselin who shot this video. I'm 16-17 years old in it. The other guy actually skating at the end of the clip is Mike Kearny. For that small group of teenagers that ever bought a "Handboard"(its an upscale version of a fingerboard) Its origins began in my livingroom.


Here's the history of it.
I used to toss tv remotes in my hand to mimic skateboard tricks while sitting around. Guess I was 15. Then I took a Craypa box, put aluminum wire to bend up the sides and placed griptape on it. A few days later I made the first prototype with cardboard scaled down in centimeters as opposed to inches with cloths hanger wire slid into the corrugation to keep its form. I used a Bic pen, rubber bands, truck bushings and skate bearings taped together as the trucks and wheels.
From this me and my friend Erik Ellington started making them together and gradually modified them until they evolved into a really durable and fun toy to waste time on rainy days.

A silly photo of us as teens. (sorry Erik)

So years later I had the opportunity to make a plastic one in a 3d design class at SVA with the generous help from my teacher Jimmy DiResta. Erik being prominent in the skateboard industry had the right connections to eventually get it on the shelves of toy stores, though I think they are hard to find nowadays.
I miss playing with them.

Here's the show info. If interested contact Kirsten at
Roq la Rue Gallery
2312 2nd Ave.
Seattle, WA 98121

Esao Andrews and Fuco Ueda
Show opens Friday May 9th 6-9pm
runs through June 7th.

See you there.

Oh yeah, one of my favorite artists Tom Herpich has a regularly updated blog. Awesome!


  1. Hahaha, you invented that shit? that's nuts.

    Anyway, I'm around Seattle. I could make it to that show. Minus the fact that I have no idea what a fancy art show premier is like.

  2. the work looks great...good luck at the show!
    p.s. that video is rad!

  3. that awesome what you said about the tv remotes, goto my parents house and look at all the remotes and they are all taped together to hold the batteries in and stuff because i was doing kickflips and stuff with them. New stuff looks awesome dude

  4. Wow, your Viral Influenza painting reminds me of an early painting of mine. Check it out, man:

    Your new well painting is a new favorite of mine!

  5. I was at the show and your work is even more impressive in person! I was befuddled by your demeanor; someone as bad-ass as you should not be so modest! *smile* It was great to meet you! Thanks for the drawing! It's priceless!

  6. Yo- thanks for the shout-out Esao. I'm really diggin' that new painting. It reminds me of recess in elementary school. "Chasing girls" was the only game in town. I don't even think you were supposed to catch them; just chase.

  7. Esao, you're such a cool guy.
    I am jealous

  8. did i already write somewhere on here how incredible your work is? i absolutely love it and had to toot your horn on my blog. best of luck in all your incredible creative endeavors

  9. Any chance of a showing on the east coast, preferably near Montreal, Canada? I would definitely travel to see these in real life.

    Also, do you paint on Masonite, or do you recommend a different type of wood?

  10. wow. i worked at a skate shop for like 4 years and we used to sell some of those hand boards. They really did pass the time! hah. It's also the same store where I came across your lovely skate deck designs as well (we also had Baker sticker versions of all your designs, so that was a huge plus)

    p.s. the deck with the walking tree? will be tattooed on my back in one months time :)

  11. as well as being an artist, i work with kids and see them play with their fingerboards. have to admit, your trick and board is much cooler than anything they have nowadays. dope artwork as well. cheers.