Saturday, October 11, 2008

-Dear Science

Soybeans 5th birthday

The Tv On The Radio guys are touring around and I did some simple 2 color shirts for them.

The title of their new Album is Dear Science so I drew up this fish.
I have no idea what color schemes they used, these's were what I gave them.
Here's another one.

I've officially realized I am not a blogger. For no reason spending 15 minutes resizing some photos and typing some text takes me ages.

My September was spent like this...

courtesy of Tom


  1. Happy Birthday to Soybean :D

    And thanks for your lovely art!

  2. Your Soybean is such a cutie in that photo that I almost cried. Happy bday soybean

  3. I am going through a ruff time right now. Your site made my day. Your work is simply free flowing relaxed fun. You are an inspiration. Thanks.

  4. birthday dog photo made me laugh for a good twenty seconds. its my desktop background replacing the cover you did for House of Mystery which had been up for about a month. keep up the outstanding work!!!

  5. I really love this picture, of Soybean. Even when I'm in the most bummy mood, it makes me feel so much better.