Monday, January 26, 2009


Did a teeny tiny painting for a Powell Peralta Show. Lots of Artists were involved, all doing their own rendition of the Bones Ripper dude. The show goes up online for sale today at noon at They are coming out with a book for all the art too, I think.

Lately, I feel like my sketches have been more interesting than their final painting, so maybe I should start doing some bigger drawings.

Here's a close up of the pen sketch.

Here's the info and names of other folks in the show.



  1. the eyes.

  2. i think your final paintings are still awesome!!
    i loved the look in its face, reallyyyy nice =)

  3. I like it a lot. It would be really cool to see some full drawings too, I loved your sketchbook post you did over the summer, and one of my favorite pieces of yours was an old drawing (girl with the deer-like animal used on the old circa survive shirts) I'm glad to see more posts!

  4. Hi! I Think You're Awesome, & i Absolutely Love Your Work.(:
    Really, Wow, i Wish i Was At Least Half As Creative As You Are. :D