Monday, July 20, 2009

-Farewell Avery

That is the title of my upcoming show at Thinkspace Gallery.
And here's another painting from it..

"The Intrepid Seed" 20"x 30" oil on wood.


And here is the original sketch of it.

11"x 14" pencil drawing.


  1. can't wait to see the real thing !

  2. Damn Esao, That shit is Awesome!!

  3. i hope you make a print of this painting the colors are wonderful. i have some jeff soto tattoos been trying to find one of yours that would fit and go nicely somewhere on my body this just might be the one :)

  4. please, a giclee on canvas or giclee on board/panel print for this piece.

  5. i like how her feet arent actually on the wood. the balloon part is so twisted circus... or leaving oz. i love it of course

  6. Hi Esao...
    My name is Cecilia,
    and, I'm from Brazil.
    I love your art.
    Sometimes i look that and i can see and feel my soul.
    This is amazing, Ridiculus...
    How do u do this?
    Where do u found inspiration?
    Luck... from Brazil.

    (PS. Sorry, my english is too bad, i never studied english before. i hope u understand me)