Monday, December 21, 2009

-House of Mystery 24.

My friend Ryan Reeb and Gunnar are working on an animated short which you can see the progress HERE. If you'd like to support what they are doing and want to see more stuff in the future, read up about the pledge support system they got going at

Happy Holidays.
Off to AZ.


  1. oh for a second I thought you meant to see the progress shots on your painting

  2. its really extraordinary for me be able to see you'r work each monday (^_^) , just freaking love it !!!.

    The atmosphere you transmitted to the painting its fabulous , keep doing what you love .

    Happy Holidays
    for you too

  3. so glad to see you are still doing the house of mystery covers. Got worried you had stopped doing 'em. Those are awesome.

  4. by the way, shoot me an email if you'd like to grab a coffee while you're in Phoenix!

  5. cant believe it's practically been a whole year since ur resolution to blog every monday. please say ur gonna keep doing it :)