Monday, January 4, 2010


So I have nothing new this week again. I keep a pocket sized sketchbook for those days when I don't feel like carrying my man-purse around.

Here are some pages from a year ago.

As for any resolutions, I really want to start working harder and doing more funny stuff. Also would like to say thanks to everyone who looks at my site. I appreciate you.


  1. By far my favorite contemporary artist.

  2. If I knew exactly where you were in the world, I would marry you and make lots of talented, artsy babies with you. You have a gift. You're nuts, mind you, but you have a gift.

  3. You kept to your resolution, So I kept coming by. Good on ya' man!

    Hope you come up with even more gnarly ideas and images for us this year.

  4. you are single-handedly the most inspiring, favorite artist of mine - of all time. my only gripe is that I moved to AZ after you moved away. we could have skated! haha! best of luck in 2010, good sir.

  5. ...and we readers ...appreciate ...YOU!
    Happy twenty-ten, Esao! :)

  6. Hey I'm just a high school kid who likes Circa Survive and I think you're style is so creative, new and amazing. This is a bit lame but I love the way wikipedia describes your work. I feel the same way. Anyways, I just wanted to say, you are an inspiration to me and you'd be surprised how many people you touch with your work. Keep it up and continue to amaze.

    Postscript: It seems that mostmusical artists rely on photoshopping or some other computer program to create their cover artwork. I don't doubt that things are touched up before being put onto the cover of circa cds but really, I think the idea of just having someone paint something to capture the spirit of a series of 10/15 is a wonderful idea.