Wednesday, February 17, 2010

-Blue Sky Noise

First, sorry I've been playing hookie the past few weeks, there's sort of an excuse at the bottom of this post...
But for the main meat, I'd like to say congrats and thanks to Circa Survive for having me do the artwork for their upcoming album Blue Sky Noise, being put out by Atlantic Records in April.

You can pre-order the album with a limited edition lithograph HERE. I'm NOT going to be putting any prints out myself so this is your only chance.

"Blue Sky Noise" oil on wood 36"x36"
and detail below

When I do a sketch I transfer the drawing onto wood. This is the Saral™ Transfer paper that I used for it, and a few other paintings. I like the way they look.

Now, there were so many consecutive "filler" posts that I became irritated by the quantity vs.(lack of)quality. I'm gonna continue the with Monday's from here on out though they may just be links to other artists, random experiments, or pictures of food etc.. A combination of streamlining my site and working on my neglected Youtube, and Flickr are still in the works.


  1. Just Bought The Deluxe Edition of Blue Sky Noise! Love the artwork... Thanks Esao.

  2. Disturbingly beautiful. Can't wait for the lithograph and the album.

  3. worth the wait. great job on Circa's artwork once again, E!

  4. officially pre-ordered the deluxe edition...cannot wait for it to're an incredible artist, Esao

  5. I cant wait for the album!
    You are half the reason why I love Circa Survive!!!

  6. Your art always goes perfectly with Circa's albums. I don't ever want anyone else doing their artwork, and that's saying a lot!

  7. I love your work art. You are one of my faves Contemporary artists.

    Best wishes from México.