Thursday, October 7, 2010

-Last Days of Solid Void

So I'm finally moved into my awesome new apartment/studio up in Greenpoint and am super relieved now, sorry for ignoring people/updates...

My show at Jonathan Levine Gallery is wrapping up this Saturday, October 9th, if you haven't made it.

"Chelsea" 20"x 30" oil on wood.

I'm gonna try and go to Central Park on Saturday for a bit to check out John Lennon's 70th Birthday. The only reason I've been growing out my hair is so I could attend occasions like this unabashed.


  1. Just saw your show today, and found it surprisingly affective and inspiring; I couldn't look away, and didn't want to. Great work.
    - Daniel "at"

  2. I've been admiring your work for a couple years now, and my university happened to have a new york trip thursday. I was so happy that i finally got to see your work in person!

    I hobbled all the way to 20th street to see your work on a broken ankle! it was so worth it though.

  3. Awesome, wish I could've made the show... How is Soybean? are you doing any more work for the comic book covers?

  4. Hi Esao. I've enjoyed your paintings since a while and I visit this website regularly.

    I recently started reading the Fables comics and it was a really nice surprize for me to find out that yew drew many pages in the album "1001 nights of snowfall" You and Tara McPherson were the best contributors in that album, in my humble opinion.

    Have you done other comics beside cover art? I'll sure get them if there's more.