Monday, November 8, 2010

-November Prints

Finally have a few new prints up in THE STORE for anybody interested.

"Quilted Sails" 12"x18" $85.00 Edition of 50

"Don't Wake Up the Neighbors" 12"x18"
$85.00 Edition of 60

"Meigh" 12"x14" $75.00 Edition of 40

"Nina Madera" 9"x16" $75.00 Edition of 40


  1. "Quilted Sails" is such an inspired piece. You have created something quite beautiful.

  2. I remember you from Mr. Graves art class...Your work is awesome.

  3. "Don't Wake Up the Neighbors" is a favorite of mine. I wish I had money. Keep them coming and I swear I will buy one someday!

  4. Can't believe quilted already sold out, hope you add some more real soon. I'm on the fence about whether i should get the pinocchio one instead, it's really creepy lol