Monday, May 2, 2011

-House of Mystery #41

For Vertigo.

This one is a combination of oil painting, photography and watercolor.

The sketches are all pretty similar, the art direction was pretty much the character, Lotus, melting as horrifying as possible while tying in the House and the pages from a book.

The very "Crypt Keeper" looking sketches are described as:
1. Lotus melting, holding stack of pages, also smoke is coming off her head.
2. This was the green light. Clawing at her melting face, Shelly thought it'd be nice to hide the House in the facial mess. Pages covered in blood frame the face.
3. The House in the background, white and almost silhouetted while crumbling away into loose book pages.
4. Giant Lotus melting blood over the House.

The final was a Photoshopped combination of the actual script, sprayed with water, crumbled up and photographed, some watercolor flicked onto paper, and an oil painting on masonite 9"x14".

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  1. Holy moly. Amazing. I would love to see a timelapse video of your next painting. I'm just getting started with oils and it would be sweet to see the steps you take to get a finished painting. :D