Monday, July 18, 2011

-New Print.

Next Monday I'm offering this square print of a rabbit hanging out on some giant, colorful egg/sphere and its coming out just in time for.....Spring 2012!

It's 16"x 16" with the usual signed, numbered, embossment. Edition of 100. $85. Shipped flat. I'll post it up on Monday, July 25th noon EST.


  1. I must say. O_O THis is outstanding. Nothing like what I expected when you released the detail shot. I love it!

  2. Hey Esao,

    No offence, but just thought you might like to know, there's a typo on one of your oils:

    "Untitiled (Grey Portrait)" 8"x 8" oil on wood. 2009

    Love all of your works!

  3. Thanks Mike.
    Also, typo is fixed. Thanks anon for letting me know.

  4. Wow, totally did not expect this when you shared the little detail, I thought it was a woman's hair not a bunny rabbits ears! Anyways seriously love all your art.

    Here is some of mine, although it doesn't match up, but I'd love if you checked it out.

  5. esao,

    This is lovely, as is characteristic of your work. Your effort came out vividly, distinctly, and I particularly like your use of shades of orange.

    If it pleases you, I have been dying to know what you paint on? I watched the video you posted a while back in which you paint on wood. Is this the norm for you?

    stay well and prosper,

  6. thanks Rossi, it is painted on wood which is the norm for me.

  7. What type of wood do you use?

    I would love it if you offered more prints on your website.

    My favorites:
    Remys Ascension
    Letting Go
    Permanent Voyage
    Untitled (Girl Standing)