Monday, March 12, 2012

-Mondo SXSW

On Saturday there was a secret opening at Mondo Tee's new gallery in Austin, TX. Mitch Putman of Poster's and Prints told me of a hush-hush sci-fi poster show they were doing at SXSW and asked if I wanted to do an original painting since they were full on poster art.
Due to time constraints and not being able to compete next to science fiction illustrators anyway, I took the meek and humorous route of a small portrait.
...The Grim Reaper in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. "Death in '91" 5"x6" Oil on wood.
Here is a nice article on WIRED.COM about it and a Youtube video from Ain't It Cool below
Here list's the art wizards involved:
Aaron Horkey
Alex Pardee
Arik Roper
Craig Drake
Daniel Danger
Drew Millward
Drew Struzan
Esao Andrews
Gary Pullin
Jacob Van Loon
James Flames
Jason Edmiston
Jay Ryan
Jay Shaw
Jeff Soto
Ken Taylor
Kevin Tong
Kilian Eng
Martin Ansin
Olly Moss
Phantom City Creative
Randy Ortiz
Rich Kelly
Richey Beckett
Robert Brandenburg
Scott Campbell
Scott Listfield
Silence TV
Todd Slater
Tom Whalen
Tyler Stout

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