Tuesday, November 20, 2007

-Post Number 1

So I decided to redesign my site again with a weekly updated section that will include works in progress, news, upcoming shows, and other associated happenings.

Ok, first things first. I added a few new paintings and more coming shortly. The people at Equal Vision Records are letting me do a print run of these paintings I did for the band Circa Survive a while back. These prints can be purchased in my store section.

This painting has been lying around my house for months and since its going to be in the Aqua Art Fair with Roq la Rue for Art Basel Miami(along with a few other paintings) Dec. 4th, I thought I'd post it up.

Here is a thumbnail and sketch done on typing paper

A tighter drawing scanned into Photoshop with a photo of wood grain and one of a plate, mocked-up with gradients for reference.

Oil on wood 12"x18"

Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. I've been wondering when you'd do a print run for those. Really excited to order them both tomorrow.

  2. Looks amazing! Looking forward to seeing more posts . . .

  3. i love everything you do so much.

    seriously though, keep it up.

  4. yay!
    cool blog
    cant wait for the next post

    have a good thanks giving

  5. nice...glad to hear that you and EVR worked out you being able to make prints. have a nice thanksgiving esao!

  6. good to hear your updating your site more fluently

    brilliant work esao
    youve done it again


  7. a delicious image... and glad to hear of the much welcomed weekly fix.

  8. heya.. wow i love girl on plate / thumbelina?

    and all other works truly exudes mood (if this makes sense).

    keep up the great work and i am so jealous of your muse (even the one in your head).

    till the next update.

  9. I can't wait to own thumbelina!!!
    your work is breath taking, Never met no one like you, you're a true master indeed, bravo Esao

    Happy thanks giving!!

  10. Hello;

    I have been following you for a while now and I really like your work. Your drawings are great!

  11. Your work is just sooooo beautiful. All of it !