Monday, November 26, 2007

-What's in a Name?

As of yesterday, this website can be reached at WWW. ESAO.COM! I've been waiting for 7 years to get that url and now I don't think it was really worth it.
Story at the bottom of this post....

Before "The Last Hour" had a name, the idea started as a doodle of a mother and mummified child portrait.

At the time I had been listening to the audio book of Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" and my sketch quickly became inspired by the atmosphere I imagined from this chilling father & son drama in the ash of post-apocalypse.

10"x14" pencil on rag paper.

No reference was needed to complete the painting. I like to leave it up to the viewer to interpret what they want from my images, but I guess I'll say for this one I imagined it's a sick girl being gently lead to the unknown(possibly death) in the comforting arms of her giant doll/reaper guardian. I decided to not have it carrying a sickle, but a bindle as if the girl's belongings may be in there for her journey.

"Last Hour" oil on wood 16"x24"

a bit closer.

In 2001 was taken so I ended up taking ".net" which was great. The Educational Safety Association of Ontario had owned it but never used it. It was April 2007 when they finally set it free, and the day it expired I went to purchase it.

The domain name went straight to an 'expired domain' auction site called Snapnames. I registered and waited for the three day auction to start later that week. No big deal. Minimum bid $60 so I bid $101 to see what would happen. There were dozens of bidders and I thought "Who are all of these people?" so I googled most of the screen names and found them to be domain reseller companies.

This is were legality becomes suspicious. Before the auction was over I started getting e-mails from domain resellers to buy the name from them(if they won it) for $2500. So my conspiracy theory is that Snapnames gives your e-mail to some domain resellers and if there's a particular interest in a domain name, then they can work together to bump up the bidding.

I won the auction with the oddly high amount of $925. Telegraphers from ages past would be rolling in their graves that a person would spend $132.14 per letter. Trying not to feel regretful that I could have bought a wii, or an xbox, or a life, I'd like to thank my new domain extension for keeping company.


  1. ouch. I've been a fan of for a long time, your work is awesome Mr. Andrews. Hello

  2. Hey man! Great job on the new blog site! Looking forward to seeing the weekly updates. Congrats on the Art Basel Miami. I'll have a few things there as well. Should be good.

    In the meantime I enjoy taking walks around the neighborhood and seeing some of your decks in the skate shop here in Venice, CA. Hope all's well in NYC!

  3. "The last hour" is my personal favorite of the new paintings, is gentil, sutil, and make you feel the sadness they are going throu. The sketch of the mother remains me of Klimt's sketches, his ladies.

    Name: That's a lot of money, but think of it like your christma- birthday's early present ;)

  4. Thats a pretty steep price for a letter. but as long as you are content with it then the rest is gravy. =D good luck with everything!! im a huge fan!!!

  5. The 'Last Hour' painting made me think of the poem 'Der Erlkönig'.

  6. i like this new website. when the fish jumps out of the water i keep thinking its a bug on my screen.

  7. Just wanted to let you know that I featured your piece on

    Nice work!

  8. wow esao! i appreciate this info more than you can imagine, as i have been waiting with the utmost patience for (just 3 months shy of) ten years to be able to say might be mine. now i tremble at the thought of what i might be in for, fingers crossed....
    my initial comment was to say i like very much your latest work, and congratulations on the show! absolutely amazing as always!


  9. Hi from ontario, and the crazy thing is that, strictly by chance, I have recemtly subscribed to your postings AND, it turns out, sit on a health and safety committee at our royal conservatory of music (where I teach flute)...and, yes, the cttee takes its direction from same esao: no shit!
    Love your work, glad you navigated the domain name thing, and sorry I wasn't linked in to maybe help a bit from this end just a few months earlier!!
    J. Thompson
    RCM Flute Faculty
    Torotnto, Ontario

  10. better to buy domain names sooner than later. over the next 10 years you will have made the money back in new traffic.