Monday, December 3, 2007

-Preview of Sorts

There's a show coming up for me at Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC. Here's a piece from the show.

"Separate Lives" 24"32" oil on wood.

I painted this 7 months ago. Its been sitting in my studio collecting dust. After it was finished I took a cellphone picture of it and an acquaintance pointed out that there were two chimney's. He said it was like two people living separate lives in the same house.

Detail, there's a cat in one of the windows.

On Thanksgiving there was a wadded up napkin in my stairwell. I took a photo of it untouched. It was on the sill for ten days so I wonder if the super got spooked by it, because all the other trash had been regularly disposed. Looks to me like a fairy-sized mummy in a fetal position. Note the size from the match stick.

Sleep tight everybody.


  1. That's a pretty dope cat man.

    and the thing does look like a fairy now that you say it.

    I'm loving these weekly posts.

  2. I have a pic of an orange juice carton on my scaffold that has been stuck there for over 9 months and this reminded me of it.