Tuesday, July 1, 2008

-Voyeurism Please

Saw this strange tree on the West Side Highway, I think its natural because even up to the tips of the branches had eye scars.

All I've been doing is working in my new sketchbook the past few weeks and not dealing with anything so I thought I'd share a few pages. Its also like a diary(thats why the scan's aren't huge and too readable)

A doodle of a cast I bought at Evolution years ago with an eye mask.

The speech bubbles say it all. Drawn while in Seattle.

Emo ramblings and a sticker Fuco gave me.

Birthday sketch of a painting I'm just about done with.

Finger painting with some pen work.

Coffee shop patio by my house and friend Rebek drawn from memory.

Sleeping Soybean, Dokebi bar, and plans for my future.
I'm back to doing work and will be catching up on e-mails.


  1. These works are all wonderful, I can't never spend so much time on my sketches and this amazes me.

    I hope you use them for further projects. I especially love the balloon one.

  2. I want to see that tree myself.!!

  3. wow this both inspires me and depresses me at the same time. Will I ever be this good?

  4. circa solutions.July 4, 2008 at 11:46 PM

    i love how even your sketches are artistically made. it's all beautiful. i get so excited whenever you make a hot air balloon, ever since On Letting Go, and this one's no exception.

  5. To see the tree, type "21 11th ave, New York, NY 10011" in Google Street View and face east.

  6. *awe* And that's just your damn diary! You are astounding Mr. Andrews!

  7. Please place me on the wait list for the limited edition Esao Diary! When can we expect it to be available!?

  8. you truly inspire me. i love your work so much.

  9. i love the way you see the world. Your perception on life makes me long for that sort of appreciation for such things as rendering a simple sketch in a diary entry. you have a gift sir, yes indeed a gift haha :)

    ps keep it up.

  10. you are absolutely amazing. can you draw me something? like a crow and a dove fighting?