Wednesday, July 16, 2008

-Scary Stuff

DC Comics recently brought back the title House of Mystery which started back in the 1950's. Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges are the writers for it. I did a cover for issue 5 and here is the sketch.

Oil on wood 20"x30". The painting came out pretty dark and needed to make it a bit more readable.
I had to convince myself that using the computer to make additions/corrections were perfectly ok. What is published is the final piece, not the actual painting...
So here it is with some color/contrast voodoo.

Its my first cover in the comic cover world and its really intimidating following up issues done by Sam Weber and with the writers who do Fables, featuring James Jean's covers.

Big-Ass shoes to fill.

A cat-bat thing.

Other scary news.
I noticed I have a crease in my earlobe. Went to the doctor but he didn't really care too much about it as my other vitals seemed ok.
If you click HERE or HERE or do any other research on earlobe creases. You'll see why I'm suddenly working on being a health freak.


  1. 1st thing: cover looks rad! congrats and hopefully more to come.
    2nd thing: stay the fuck away from webMD and google!

  2. Great stuff Esao. Outta the park. This is some genuinely creepy shit (those eyes...). Not too pretty, y'know, like some other dudes might've made it.

  3. that cover is spectacular--i do belive you've filled them big-ass shoes!

  4. Awesome stuff. You can definitely fill those shoes!

    The ear thing isn't real. Statistically the adult population develops ear creases as it ages. Meaning that the total number of people with ear creases increases in relation to those without them with age. Therefore, since heart attacks and other cardio issues occur, on average, later in life - more people with heart issues will have ear creases - as a function of age. You could say similar about wrinkles around the eyes, or even nose hair and none of them predict heart attacks either.

    See, citing the % of heart attack patients with creases doesn't tell you anything unless you know what % of the general population by age cohort have them to start with. Without that total baseline number, factored in relation to the heart attack numbers you really can't tell anything.

    Recent NIH research into the issue took into account the total number of people with those creases and didn't find them predictive. (too many people have them normally, without any issues, for them to be a symptom).

    That said, attention to health never really hurts (so long as its not too extreme). Keep eating well, get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and exercise and you'll be fine. Just don't go over board and stop doing the art.

    -Sarah M. PhD/DO

  5. Wow. I've been watching you for a while - in a total NON-stalker way...of course - and I must be distracted by your fantastic art because I never realized I could leave a comment. Ha. Anyways, I have only one thing to say. You are an inspiration to me. Heh, lame, sure. But I can't help it. I was turned on to you because I got into Circa Survive really early into their career and I fell in love with the cover of Juturna and then I was sold. I'm sure you've heard and read tons of fanmail or messages and I'm sure this one will fall to the wayside with the other affections you receive, but I got to say that you're my inspiration and that's all I needed to say.
    And also that you've turned me on to some really great artists - James Jean being only one of them.
    Farewell and all my love,
    A. Goodwin

    The website I put as my URL is NOT mine. It just happens to be one of my favorite...and most relatable...things.

  6. searching the web will also reveal that baldness is caused by wearing hats. You can find out that anything is a symptom of anything online, but in any case, i hope your earlobe decreases in the future.

    PS. I really like the dark ambiance in the original painting. My new desktop.

  7. If anyone can "fill the shoes" it's you.

  8. fucking amazing artwork. love how the haunted house doubles as a skeletal/xray sorta thing. the details really make it come together

  9. you know i have seen alot of sheit in my life that was pretty scary and what i have just seen right know is fucking scary its somthing about those eyes it like she was lokking at the devil.

  10. I also have the ear crease and I'm only 33. Went to a cardiologist for a full checkup and he says my heart is 100%. If I were you I'd go to a specialist and get tested. After that you can forget about it.

    Also, my print is beautiful. Thanks!