Tuesday, August 26, 2008

-Stress Balls

I got behind on posts...

In a group show at Last Rites Gallery. Opening Sept 6th, 7-11pm.
551 W. 33rd St. NYC.

Here is the icky piece that I have in it.

"Brood" 16"x16" oil on wood.

I'm going to be in Portland, Oregon for a while visiting my pals Farel Dalrymple and Zachary Baldus and also to take time to vegetate, do some sketchbooking, observe foliage, and do some apartment hunting. I'll be back in NYC for the opening.

Also my friend's opened a vintage clothing store in Brooklyn and I did a sign up for them.

Its a toony version of Ana Karina in that dance scene from Jean-Luc Godard's "Band of Outsiders"

Dolly G's Vintage
320 Graham Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211


  1. loving that clothing store sign. the logo text looks so esao, it's great. haha!

  2. Re: Last Rites Gallery piece


  3. Brood is your artwork? I'm impressed! Sounds like you're doing wonderfully, congratulations!

  4. I can't wait till the next batch of new stuff you put up here. Since, I live in Texas and can't go to any of your shows, unfortunately.

  5. Nice logo.

    That dance scene is great too.

  6. P.S. Are you moving to Oregon?

  7. that sign is perfect for that store! and n!k is right, it's so you!!