Thursday, December 11, 2008

Potato Doves

There's a few prints up this week.

Had Thanksgiving over at Dokebi Bar. My friend Brian cut open this potato to reveal what appears to be two tater doves in air pocket form. I find this way cooler than any random Virgin Mary's out there and was happy to be a witness... Not to make God angry by worshiping (or auctioning) any false idols.
We ate them.


  1. what an amazing thing to find when cutting into something so ordinary.

    wish I had money to buy more prints, I have the girl on a swing one 'thought' framed and hanging in my room, still love it everyday.

  2. hI Esao! Nice stuff! Always!
    On tihs vacation i promised to myself to work painting!
    I hope to send something about it for you soon... remenber that your work is my greater inspiration!

    Fernanda from Brazil
    : b