Monday, December 8, 2008

-Prints coming up.

-This Thursday, December 11, I'll be putting my print store back up with new stuff.

-I will have a mailing list set up in the next day or two.

-Am currently responding to neglected emails....I know I know and I'm sorry.

-Flyer I did.



  1. i have been in awe by your work for quite some time now. you are very refreshing and never cease to surprise me with your creativity!

    thank you ( :

  2. When will they be up? I have been checking back since Thursday afternoon :( Can't wait to buy a print!

  3. Thanks Sara.

    To Anonymous, if you are looking at this blog separately, you have to go to and click on the store link.

  4. Whoops! Needed to clear my Internet cache!

    Thanks :)