Monday, February 16, 2009

-Dog Days

Self Portrait, oil on paper. 1999.

I found an old tape with some stop motion animation i did while at SVA. I only took it for a semester and it was more focused on model making then animating. Here's one of the clumsy test shots I did.

More weird videos that I've done can be seen here.

Also found this logo/design which I did for a block party here in Brooklyn a few years ago. It was a music benefit for B.A.R.C and Rational Animal shelter.

I know I keep posting old stuff. Gotta stay true to the "every Monday" thing.


  1. new/old- love the posts either way

  2. Very cool. I actually like seeing the old stuff, it shows how much you have progressed and changed in style over time. I am glad you are keeping your word either way, it gives me something to look for at the beginning of the week.

  3. Big fan of your work. Looking forward to your show in LA.

  4. That has to be one of the most bizarre self portraits I've seen. Looks great.

  5. Oh man, that stop-motion video is great! I am always thinking of animating my drawings, but that whole lame "not enough time" excuse prevails...

  6. Yea just keep posting. Great stuff. Don't kill Esao Mondays.