Monday, February 9, 2009

-Pieces Of My Neighborhood

Some more sketchbook pages.

George Washington by the Williamsburg Bridge. The place where washed-up people like myself go to exercise on skateboards.

Doodle of a demon and my friend Monia Lippi mac'ing at Supercore Cafe when the weather was awesome.

Elongated Andrea also at Supercore. A pre-doodle of the Powell Peralta Ripper looking over a sleeping Soybean.

2nd US President debate at Troy's with an excerpt from the youtube video by Otto, The Brooklyn Feral Cat. It touched my heart.


  1. Your sketch book is just as interesting as your art!
    I love the emotions you capture, because they seem so real and not rehearsed.

  2. Wonderfull pages, It's a treat to see a little bit of your sketchbook.