Monday, May 4, 2009

-House of Mystery 16

Starting off with some thumbnails...

Here is the tighter version of the approved sketch.

For the painting I zoomed in and tilted the drawing a bit to fill the cover space.

Looking at the drawing and the sketch side by side as I'm typing this, its really weird how much I changed the face of Ann(the only girl clenched in the hand) A completely different expression-from struggling to a distant worried stare.


  1. Yeah- that expression change worked out great; the new one is perfect. Somehow it makes her easier to identify with- like she knows we're watching.

  2. Coool! I like his nose, and most especially his teeth. Very freaky!

    Plus, I almost always like it when there is a girl in your paintings...

  3. Wow! So cool !
    I love your paintings!
    I'm using one of them on my blog, Can i?
    If you want, i can take it off \o/
    So cool!
    Love this! congratz and keep up the good work!

    From Brazil - Bruno

  4. The sketch really reminds of Rackham's stuff. Very cool!

  5. Her expression is creepy as hell. Great choice.