Monday, May 25, 2009

-Memorial Day

At some point when the sidewalk was being set on a corner in Greenpoint, a poor city amphibian flipped over and ended its life.

[Note: it doesn't look like it has a head because the neck was arched back and created an over hang in between the arms.]

I will be casting a positive of this little guy shortly...
Its that dark spot on the sidewalk in the center of the screen for those of you that want to pay your respects.

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Also, my show for Thinkspace Gallery is coming along so here's another pic of the process. It's about time I seriously start thinking of getting a flickr account.



  1. Aaaaaa the paintings are coming along great!! Cant wait to see them. That poor frog, mabey he owed money to the mafia and used him to send a message.

  2. make a flicker!!!!

  3. Oh, do get a flickr account pretty please!:)
    P.S. Love your work!!

  4. Oh my! This looks so gorgeous, Esao! Can't wait to see the finished piece. Her skirt would even make the folks over at Gibbous jealous! :)

    Also, chapeau to that little kamikaze froggie for his brave plunge to death. What a great way to be immortalised! x

  5. Wow, Esao- I'm really really excited to see this show- and you at the same time (bonus). Those little bits and pieces look pretty incredible...

  6. please please please get a flickr

  7. Alright! Things are coming along and looking great! Plus I love the dog at the bottom of the pic, he looks very serious.

    Def. get a flickr.

  8. Wow, these paintings are so bright and beautiful. Are you going to get some good hi-res scans before some lucky soul snatches these away?

  9. The Conjoined Bell fabric looks really nice.

    Hi Soybean.

  10. wow the frog casting made me gasp! poor thing!
    cute dog by the way, I love bostons. my dog is a mix of boston and pug :)
    gorgeous painting!

  11. lets go do that casting/photo in the next few days.. i didn't realize it was so deep... thats what she said..

  12. i really enjoy seein my favorite artists working space. it looks like a fairy tale

  13. Geez, thanks everyone! This is an overwhelming response. I feel like I'm spamming in my own comments or writing a will.

    Michael, prints should be in the works.

    Suzanne, Thanks for the link. Its been a while. Hello.

    Thanks to Tom Prior, he'll be documenting the casting of the frog.
    I'll probably take a few point and shoot shots to christen the Flickr.

    Herpich, youre one of my favorite artists so your comment means alot and is making me stressed, it'll be good to see you.

    Alex, if it weren't for you setting up the drawing/coffee sesh at Oslo, the Conjoined Bell painting wouldn't have happened.

    Whats a boston pug mix, a pugston, pog or bug?'

  14. I can't wait to see him come back to life.