Monday, June 15, 2009

-Traveling Masks

This will be for Vertigo's House of Mystery's Halloween Annual

Bunch of thumbnail sketches.. Venetian-mask inspired.

And here is the original painting, it will be framed and part of my show in October over at Thinkspace Gallery.

Oil on wood. 12"x18"

I'm going to Barcelona Spain today and will hopefully have a couple of sketchbook pages to show when I get back.

This spooky "microchibus phasma" was sent to me from Skeletal Dropkick.
Thanks Cris.

Ciao and Adios


  1. Wow this new painting is intense. I love it. Have a good trip. Don't stop posting (please) :)

  2. You are one of the living legends Esao... i doubt that you even know that ;P
    you are sooo cool!

  3. Yes have a good trip , enjoy yourself ^-^ keep going ur work its amazing like allways , i just love it !

  4. Thanks, I will be having plenty of nightmares this week :)

    Have a great trip Esao.

    And your dog is too fun...

  5. Dang. your stuff is getting creepier and creepier... and better and better. I think we may have bought one of your paintings too early, I keep seeing more I want!

    Glad the 'chibo found a good home :)
    Spain!? that is so cool! Have fun!

  6. your new stuff is looking really cool, cant wait for the thinkspace show.

  7. Woooah! mega wild. Ha I'm starting an esao fan base. I, as well as the rest of everyone i'm sure, really appreciates the monday posts.

  8. Oh my, look how cute that dog is! The toy reminds me of the little tator tots sonic had with kids meals.

  9. these masks are amazing, they're surreal yet morbid. they're sinister, but it doesn't compromise the immortality and class that venetian masks are known for. i would love to have a tattoo design based on these drawings.