Monday, June 1, 2009

House of Mystery #17

Another upcoming cover for Vertigo

thy doodles...

This story involves the poet writing a tragic play

My deadline for this cover got lost in translation so I had to make this quick color mock up as a stand in for their catalog.

Here's the finish painting

12x18 oil on wood.
with a detail.

Also, remember this painting below? Its for volume 2 (issues #6-10) of the series and just came out, the post of when I actually did the painting last year can be seen HERE.

Link to the book is right HERE.



  1. Your stuff is always awesome!
    It was been a long time since I last check your blog up!
    NOw i'm happy!


    Your greater fan from Brazil

  2. what kind of dreams must you have at night? never ceases to enthrall me. ha must be nice to be complemented so often on your work.

  3. that was fucking GREAT!!!!....

    one of your biggest fans from Greece....

  4. Hi,
    I love your cover for House of Mystery #17, I'm doing a short story for that issue, you can see some preview panels on my blog.