Monday, October 12, 2009

-Farewell, Farewell Avery

Late last night I arrived back to NY from my exceptional time in Los Angeles.

The opening went awesome, I met some really nice people in the company of my west coast friends. Couldn't have been better.

Unfortunately this is one of the few photos I took at the opening. [note: I don't recall baseball players being there] Hopefully other peoples photos will pop up on the internet. It was a great turnout.

"Don't Wake Up The Neighbors" 24"x 36" oil on wood.

HERE is a link to the line up of work I had in the show. There are a few still available.

Now I get to set up my new apartment/studio etc... Something I pointed out in my interview with Andrew Ford, is that all the work that people know me for has been made in the same apartment. Curious about how this may change my future output.



  1. Enjoy your new digs, Esao. Again, 'twas a terrific show and a pleasure to meet you.

  2. great show esao it was good to finally meet you and see your work in person. you should come to LA more often. cheers!

  3. I'm sad... I cannot see that's wonderfull shows unfortunatly! I hope you'll come soon in Italy!