Monday, October 19, 2009

-Old Stuff

When I was sifting through my belongings during the move I dug up an overwhelming cache of old work and sketchbooks. Most of it is embarrassing, some are scary or sad or just plain nonsensical... I'll post things up whenever I'm in a bind with nothing for Monday.

Hunky self-portrait. 6"x8"oil on canvas.
Think I'm about 20 years old in this.
I was living in New Jersey at the time so that may be why I look so serious, shirtless, and orange.

12x19 acrylic and crayon on board.


  1. The colours and techniques in your self-portrait are flabbergasting! Very hunky indeed!

  2. these are cool esao!
    looking like a mighty asian in that first one huh?

  3. new jersey explains the orange-ness, haha

  4. i would do unholy things to own that dog painting.