Monday, November 2, 2009

House of Mystery #22

For this issue Matt Sturges wanted a twisted children's storybook look.

The description of the cover was pretty tight, so that is why my sketches look similar.

Here's what the painting looks like sans text.

oil on wood 12"x18"

Added the text, sunburst and saturated the colors a bit in ye ol' Photoshop.
Since the "House of Mystery" title goes on top, I put #22 down near the bottom (note pencil sketch above)

Based the color scheme from this 1947 Raggedy Ann Cartoon I had as a kid.

I like how everyone says "Halloween!" instead of "Happy Halloween!" in the cartoon.


  1. I love the new painting...and thanks for posting that cartoon. I used to watch it as a kid too and that brought back a lot of memories

  2. Jyo, pretty sweet work you been doing lately i might say and thanks a lot for putting up my website.

  3. Hey Esao- This looks great. Really amazing clouds.

  4. Awesome, always love seeing the process. Looks great and wonderfully creepy.