Monday, November 16, 2009

-More Old Stuff.

I have nothing this week. These are some studies from my SVA days. Scrawled on the back of this first piece reads 10-25-98.

I think that this is Farel Dalrymple's sister in a wig, but am not sure.

These two below are painted on chopping blocks found on the street.

All of them are roughly 12"x16"


  1. all of theese figure paintings are beautiful, how come you dont use more photo refrence in your illustration work? i know you have a specific style but it would be cool to see you mix it up with the use of figures like theese once in a while

  2. All of them are absolutely beautiful. I really appreciate you posting your work from the past - I'm a student currently taking some painting classes at college and I love seeing your school work!

  3. www.robotoskilledmyparents.blogspotcomNovember 18, 2009 at 2:11 AM

    i've been following your blog for awhile now. as referred to you by stephen halker when i was @ zoo york and i have to agree with all of the above comments. your work never ceases to amaze me; your imagination is really an ability to envy.

  4. Hey =)
    I sent you an e-mail almost a week ago, I wonder if you got it... it's regarding some questions I'd like to ask you of your work, for school. So... did you get it?

  5. Thanks everyone, I've been wanting to get back into the whole life drawing/painting thing and will be mixing it more with my other art.

    Emma, I couldn't find the questions so I guess I didn't get them.

  6. wonderful figure studies. I especially love red girl. Do you ever participate in Dr. Sketchy's?

    Do you still do these kind of figure studies with oil paint? would be cool to have a section of studies and figure work on your site, especially if you can find interesting models.

  7. Hi Sebastian, they used to hold a Dr. Sketchy's a few blocks from my house. Its too bad that I only went twice before they moved.

    @Daya, sorry I'm not using twitter. Don't use facebook or myspace either though I probably should.