Monday, March 8, 2010

-House Of Mystery 26

House of Myster issue 26.
The upcoming story arc sounds really great. One thing that people might not think about is how far ahead the covers have to be done(in order to have an image for solicitations in catalogues etc..) So when an issue finally comes out, months have gone by. Often times I won't be sure what new characters will look like since the issue hasn't been drawn yet.

For instance, Fig, the main character whose sitting is wearing what she wore in issue 21.

Oil on board 12"x18".
A bit of burning and dodging in photoshop.


  1. jeez, why are you so amazingly talented? i wish i could have you help me out with my art! I want to know how you mix your colors to get such a unique skin tone.

  2. Enjoy your blog, great fun watching the video with you making it look all so easy

  3. I love the whimsical look of that green dude:)