Monday, March 1, 2010

-Time Lapse

Here's a time-laspe of me painting the Blue Sky Noise album cover. The audio kicks in instantly and at full volume so mind the speaker icon before playing.

I'll put a more longer version up on youtube at some point. Special thanks to Matthew Taillon for his youtube speed painting page.



  1. Nice to see you working! I'm impressed!

  2. Very nice.
    Have you ever looked into for hosting videos? I'd recommend it if you aren't married to youtube. The compression quality, media-player and community of users are a lot better than what youtube offers.
    I know some guys in the motion industry that network there.
    Just a thought.

  3. amazing to see your process! and love the fact that soybean keeps you company under the easel.

  4. This made my morning. You are such an incredibly talented artist! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. 0.0 wow fantastic work , i think i love you even more ejjeje

  6. What medium are you using with the oil paints?

  7. Wow, I get my very own name posted on one of my favorite painters pages, I am more than honored. I really never expected this.

    Thank you so much Esao, you've inspired me to get started on my dream of living as an artist, and I hope to see our art hanging together one day.

    Not much up yet, but let me know what you think!

  8. awesome time lapse, really inspiring. this is by far my favorite piece of yours. take care!

    Chris Hoobler

  9. nothing short of amazing. thank you