Monday, January 3, 2011

-New Year, Mondays.

Nothing like good ol' fashioned structure.

It Happens to be Monday, so I'm gonna start the whole every Monday post this 2011. Totally butchered last year with the updates.

Here's some sketchbook pages drawn while stuck at JFK Airport last week.

the "*" notes:"Also slept, ate tuna melt, did drawing a few pages back, drank two bottles of water, coffee."

This is the drawing from a few pages back.

Slowly drawn mass.

Day 2 at airport No Dice.

Note:"why did I eat Mcdonalds? I feel like shit, and I knew I would before I bought that #2 meal.


  1. You didn't realise # 2 meant # 2 did you?

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  3. Nice sketches...looking forward to the Monday posts.

  4. definitely excited for the monday posts