Monday, January 24, 2011

-Silkscreen and Soybean

First off, Tom and I have put together a photo blog for my dog Soybean titled Soybean Was Here on Tumblr. Be sure to see constant updates HERE.

Today, January 24th at 2pm CST info at

My first silkscreen poster is only $30 and its 18x24. edition of 140.

Even though I did a few (inkjet) posters for my friend Sharon Van Etten a while back, this is my first actual silk screened concert poster. I'm super excited about it. It's from Circa Survive's NYC show at Iriving Plaza this past November.

Available at
They did such a great printing job.


  1. will you be selling this again? it sold out so fast! love the crows, they remind me of monsoon. and that's definitely turnip head, i remember the sketch from before.

  2. Please sell this again. Same here, I missed out. Sob

  3. Just saw your cover work for the Deluxe Vinyl Version of Blue Sky Noise! It looks amazing I hope we'll be seeing a Giclee print in the store!!!

  4. I love Soybean's blog... He is one of the awesomest dogs I have ever seen!

  5. I really like your style interpreted through screenprinting.