Monday, December 12, 2011

-The First Day print

I have a new print that will go up tomorrow, Tuesday, December 13th. 3pm East Coast Time.
In an ongoing attempt to give personality and will to inanimate objects, we have here a noble mother and son balloon. I imagined the nervous little balloon being taken to his first day of school and this frames their procession in the sky. A bigger edition than the Drifter's print from October, but its the same 16"x20" size. Its called The First Day.
"The First Day"
Paper size 16"x 20"
Signed Edition of 200.

Orders will be shipped in large diameter 4" tubes to guarantee safe and speedy travel time. Prints can be shipped flat upon request for Domestic orders.

There's a drawing show up right now titled "Doodle: The Art Of Sketch" going on in Portland's Compound Gallery. Here are my framed drawings in the show.


  1. where will this be for sale? I am very interested in purchasing a print from this edition.

  2. It will be in my store section

  3. There was a picture posted October 24th, in it was a sketch numbered 33/90. Is there a way to see an up close version of this particularly? It reminds me of "Monsoon" maybe years before he started on his stroll, maybe years after.

  4. Is there a greater chance the print will be damaged if shipped flat?

  5. to the person asking about the flat shipping, the answer is no. I've ordered about a dozen prints from him and they all ship flat, never once had a print with any damage on it

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  9. I love all of your paintings. I always seem to miss your posts regarding when a new print is to be added to the store until after it is too late. It would be great if you could add a feature so that I could subscribe to your site so I can get a notification whenever you make a new post.

    Regardless, I'm going to keep checking the site as often as possible. I'm dying to get my hands on a print.