Tuesday, January 3, 2012

-Kick Off.

About to head to Los Angeles for my show at Thinkspace Gallery. Contact Andrew Hosner at contact@sourharvest.com for any inquiries about the work. Here is a 2 1/2 minute time-lapse I put together of me working on it. Looks like I need a faster computer, but I really enjoy making these videos so count on more showing up.
Also have a mini interview "Back Talk" on the Juxtapoz website HERE.
Here's a small 12"x 12 painting titled "Sea Villa" My last one of 2011. Finished it about 11:30pm New Years Eve then somehow made it outside for the countdown. No big deal. I want to start painting ocean water more often.


  1. Wow.... All of those paintings are so beautiful. I loved watching them come to life! It was especially wonderful to see how you took already amazing pieces, and found exactly the right details to add to just make them phenomenal... Like the way you handled the old man's beard, or how you added just the right highlights onto the staircase, or a woman's nose, or the water against the ship... Gorgeous. Thank you so much for making that video.

  2. That is perhaps the best video i have ever watched in my life. . . . Words cannot describe.

  3. i love how your paintings are both ominous and playful

  4. Amazing show! Can't wait to see the next one.

  5. Incredible. Thank you very much for uploading this video. Real, true, tangible magic taking place.
    I truly admire your work.

    Hugs from Buenos Aires, Argentina,