Thursday, May 3, 2012


"Sea Villa" Sold out in 3 minutes and I unfotunately have to make refunds due to over selling of the edition. I am sorry. I am overwhelmed by your support.


  1. In regards to "Sea Villa" - there is one seller on eBay selling two prints. I am not surprised your work sold out so quickly because it is amazing Esao. This is just frustrating for those of us who may not be getting a print, for one a-hole to get 2 and then turn around and try to sell them.

  2. I second Shannon. It is very sad for a fan of your work to see it sold out and instantly 8 ebay sellers start to renegotiate it.

    Still, very beautiful, amazing paintings. I hope to be luckier next time you show such wonderful prints.

    Best regards.

  3. Will you let us know when refunds are done?

  4. I need a piece of your work.
    Both my partner and I adore your work and all your circa survive work is now framed and on display.
    How would I know in advance when something like this would happen again?


  5. click the "about" link at the top and there's a section where you can put your email on the mailing list. he sends out an email a few days before a print goes up for sale

  6. Hey Esao -

    I received mine Saturday, but USPS dinged it badly. i emailed you, but still haven't heard back. Please get back to me when you get a chance. Thanks.