Tuesday, May 22, 2012

-Two Shows This Saturday

I am participating in two group shows this weekend. First is "ART ON THE EDGE 2012" at Vered Gallery in East Hampton, NY. Here is the invite with the list of other artists below.

I was inspired by a specific excerpt from Carl Sagan's Cosmos and was able to find it verbatim on the internet. Its from the episode: The Backbone of Night.

"We are wandering hunter folk. Fire keeps us warm. Its light makes holes in the darkness. It keeps hungry animals away. In the darkness we can see each other and talk. We take care of the flame. The flame takes care of us. The stars are not near to us. When we climb a hill or a tree, they are no closer. They flicker with a strange, cold, white, far-away light -- many of them, all over the sky, but only at night. I wonder what they are."

One night I thought: "The stars are flames. They give a little light at night, as fire does. Maybe the stars are campfires which other wanderers light at night. The stars give a much smaller light than campfires, so they must be very far away. I wonder if our campfires look like stars to the people in the sky. But why don't those campfires and the wanderers who made them fall down at our feet? Why don't strange tribes drop from the sky? Those beings in the sky must have great powers."

And here are my pieces, I made two.

"Stargazer" 16"x24", oil on wood.
"Untitled (Girl in Ceremonial Dress)" 12"x12", oil on wood.

Also, I'm part of a massive group show at Thinkspace Gallery as a benefit for Born Free USA who help endangered and distressed wildlife.

and here is my piece.
"Hive Spider" 8"x12" oil on panel.

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